Antique maps

Map-Maker: LAPIE
Title: Asie Dedic’e et present’ee au Roi ...
Date: 1825
Information: Published in Amsterdam.
Size: 49 x 73 cm. (19½ x 29 in.) [HxW]
Condition: Wide margins. VG+, Nice frame
Region: Asia (all)
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Map-Maker: BUNTING
Together with the title page from the Swedish edition or part of Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, first published 1585. Printed in Stockholm 1595. The Swedish book deals with the people of Israel. The Title page has some slight age toning and spot of stains and slight shine-through of verso text.
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Map-Maker: BUNTING
Title: Taffel des Heiligen Landes ... ( The Holy Land..)
Date: c.1590
Source: From Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae ....
Information: Woodcut map.
Size: H27 x W19 cm. (10½ x 7in.) [HxW]
Condition: Uncolored. Overall very good. Left hand margin cut close.
Region: Asia: Holy Land
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Map-Maker: BUNTING
Title: Reisen der Kinder von Israel aus Egypten
Date: c.1590
Information: Woodcut map.
Size: 26 x 36 cm. (10 x 14 in.) [HxW]
From Bunting's "Itinerarium," first published in 1585, woodcut map.
Condition: Uncolored. Slight age toning and stain marks. Partly rubbed centrefold with slight loss. Minor repairs at bottom, left and right margin, Overall condition good
Region: Asia: Holy Land
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Map-Maker: BOWEN, E.
Title: An Accurate Map of North America, Drawn from the Best Modern Maps and Charts and Regulated by Astron'l Observat'ns by Eman. Bowen Geogr. to His Majesty
Date: c.1747
Size: 15 x 20 cm. (6 x 8 in.) [HxW]
Condition: Early OL color. Fold lines.
Region: North America: (All)
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Map-Maker: LOTTER
Title: Tabula Geographica Generalis Imperii Russici ad Norman Novissimarum Observationium ...
Date: 1770-1780
Size: 44 x 62 cm. (17½ x 24½ in.) [HxW]
Condition: VG+ , Old color, Very decorative in nice frame
Region: Europe: Russia (Europe & Asia)
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Map-Maker: WEIGEL, Joh. Christoph
Title: Typus Orbis Terrarum
Date: 1724
Information: The world is illustrated as two hemispheres and California is indicated as an island. Lot of nice illustration all around the map. All colored
Condition: VG+. Nice frame. Colored
Size: 13 x 21 cm. (5 x 8½ in.) [HxW
Region: World
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